Guidelines for Park Use

The following are City of Bainbridge Island park rules:

1.The hours of the park are from dawn to dusk.

2.All visitors to the park must remove their own trash.

3.Animals must be on a leash.* (Dog bags are provided.)

4.No overnight parking is allowed.

5.No open fires are allowed.

6.No camping is allowed.

Pritchard Park is a community space for everyone to enjoy. Please be responsible and safe while using the park. It is safe to swim in the water at Pritchard Park, but no lifeguards are present.

*: Though the current policy at Pritchard Park requires all animals to be on leashes, many visitors to the park bring their dogs and let them roam off-leash. Some Bainbridge Island residents are currently working toward creating an off-leash area or off-leash hours at Pritchard Park. For more information about the off-leash controversy, see this article.